[SOLVED]Hitman please help

this is my code

edited by Alexbrand as it's very close to solution code.

i can’t be able to kill the witch without rasing the alarm

please help(20 char)

i think i need a better backstab weapon because mine sucks right now
but i have nearly no gems

There is no need to double your asking for help in different topics)
There are quite a lot of people willing to share their wisdom and help those who need it. It’s just need a little patience to wait for them appearing here.


oh ok :sob: can you help me please? @Alexbrand

As far as I understand this is level for subscribers?

yes it is please help me unless you don’t have subscription :sob:

anyways i’m going to check my computer later bye

I can’t help because I’m not sub.
Your code looks fine, maybe problem really concerns to weapon. I can’t say for sure unless I see lvl(

Oh dear, xython has busted yet another user (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿).
~ Orb


Also, cuz I’m curious, where can I find this lvl?
~ Orb

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I think it’s somewhere on the Glacier. A little higher than circle-walking and skating away.

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You don’t necessarily need waitFor, but I guess it saves some lines. I’d say look closely at the code a bit more. It’s just similar to Dungeon Levels. Simple coordinate movement. Shouldn’t take too much time.

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i only do that if i am stuck on the level so … yeah

yea i think i need a better wepon

Tell us a little bit more about what’s happened?

Did you teleported close enough to the witch?

yes i will give a screen shot and its probably because my knife only does 70 dmg as a backstab

What is your code?

edited by Alexbrand as it’s very close to solution code.

Well, looks like yes, you need something to make 150 or more HP damage.

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