Getting a hero to un-say something


I’m on Hitman (Glacier), but I don’t have the backstab dagger. I do have the sparkbomb, though, which deals over 300 damage, which is enough to take out the witch with one hit, just that the heroes are pre-programmed to call out a “Take that!” when they throw, which causes the witch to raise the alarm. I’m pretty drained of gold (from buying Ritic, actually), so I can’t afford the backstab any time soon, so I’m stuck wondering if there’s a way to get Ritic to not say anything when he throws. Anyone know?


That cheat is solved.


Try buying the bone dagger.


I’m not sure the problem is “saying”. The bomb is slow and the hero loses invisibility state. Maybe you have some powerful rifle?


@Bryukh Yeah, I’ve already got by with the powerful rifle. I didn’t think it would work because the level instructions said that the witch needed to go in one shot, and the rifle needed two, but it worked.


Hm, it’s an interesting. The powerful rifle can one hit the witch. Two shots should alarm ogres.


Use something like a precision rifle.


Hmm… I was using the precision rifle, and I’m pretty sure I saw it shoot twice. The actual damage of the rifle was less than the witch’s total health… Is the hero’s attack added to the damage on rifles? If it was, maybe one shot was enough, but the character kept on shooting, even thought the level was ‘won’?

I’ll try to go back and test it later.


Each hero has different attack multiplayer. You can check your hero attack damage with hero.attackDamage


Yep with Ritic’s attack multiplier it will be 180.6 damage.