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[Solved] Http error 503 on page


Is it only me having trouble or game is under maintenance?)
Start page downloads quite good, but returns http error 503 message.


Yeah, same here. The main page is fine, but the play just does not work. Someone has already posted in teh slack channel (was that you, perhaps?), so I am guessing the guys will respond as soon as they see it.


same(must be at least 20 characters)


And this:

I can’t log in


Thanks a lot! Oh, it wasn’t me) Just didn’t find topic here and was afraid that my account was banned somehow)


Well, looks like everything, that goes after (like , etc.) is out of reach. Only different domains, kinda are ok.


Почему нету новостей от разработчиков ?


Не знаю) Но зарработалааа!)
UPD Там сейчас самая ночь по идее же)


Well, game is ok now))
Oops, looks like not completely…


хм, а у меня все еще еррор(


Таки да, мелькнуло норм и снова погасло. Видимо, фиксят.



Maybe it has to do with a parameter that has to be loaded?


It’s down for my entire class as well.

I also tried multiple browsers, tethering to my phone, and VPN’ing via my desktop from home. So it’s not our network causing grief for us.

Edit: Appears to be working now. Thanks guys!!


Must’ve seen our post :wink:


Yeah, game is on air now)

Code combat wont start at all pls help

mine stuck too