[Solved] I need help with level called backwoods standoff

Here is my code

Everytime is pause’s at hero.cleave(enemy)

After if enemy, check if cleave is ready, if it is ready, then cleave, else, attack
And you won’t need the whole else statement from your code now

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I will try that wait a min

I have to do it tomorrow gtg tell u if it works

It did not work (200000)

I think where you see if there’s an enemy, you should also do if enemy and ready:
So change if enemy: to if enemy and ready:
Also delete the first line in while true. it’s not needed.

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I cannot other people who see this will see the solution so they use it

So is this solved?

If you still need help, you can past your code. But if you passed the level, then don’t paste your code.

Yes it solved (20000000) someone can close the topic

Then click the solution mark next to the post that helped you the most and it will auto close


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