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[SOLVED] Is codecombat broken?

codecombat seems like it is broken, it isn’t able to run any code properly and won’t let me save my code when I refresh my browser

same thing happens to me

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Is this on all levels?

let me check. it only happens if you put working code in the level though, if that helps

it seems to do different things on some levels? this is quite irritating becuase it is doing this on a level that I am currently trying to do, maybe we should contact someone from CodeCombat?

It happens on a few levels for me, and it has since I’ve been here.
Cavern survival and other long levels are culprits.
So if magic exam.
Could you tell me the name of the level?

Level name: Lurkers
20 characters

It is telling you that there is an infinite loop, which indicates your code is not complete. No issues for me on the Lurkers Level. Can you show us your code after you click Comment Out My Code?

When you get to your code delete the first line to modify and run your code again.

return;  //Commented out to stop infinite loop.

Did you remember to increment (increase) enemyIndex in the while loop?

It finally worked :smiley: I didn’t even mess with the code and I just ran it (same code I had tried several times) and it just worked