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I cant play code combat


when i start campaign it starts loading an it never endsso i can’t play.
im on a mac


Hi Flaybe–can you let me know which programming language you picked, and what your CodeCombat wizard name is? Thanks!


I’m stuck with the same problem. i checked the console and it says

SuperModel for Level loaded in 21932 ms

and nothing happens.

I chose Python, and the wizard name is TheOH


@Flaybe I just checked this out and couldn’t reproduce the issue–which level was it on?

@TheO I wasn’t able to reproduce your issue, either. Was it Rescue Mission? Do any of the levels from this list work, or does it work when you choose something other than Python?


I tried other browsers, language and different networks. All failed. Though it worked on a nother computer. I’m guessing that the OS has influence.




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You need to put a while loop around lines 8-11, and increment enemyIndex when the enemy is dead.


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