SOLVED/KNOWN What's the way to set enemies health to 0?

Seen this funny trick on cavern survival level and interested how it could be done?) Some magic with objects and their properties?

say what i want to know how to do that

Have really strong gear and DESTROY EVERYTHING.

That was before they locked down objects’ properties and stopped players from setting health to 0

I don’t think so, because if you still take all your armer off you would still have health. Setting your health to 0 pretty much means your dead in the level. So I don’t believe it is possible.:grimacing:

It would be nice advice in case of real life fighting or even any FPS or MMORPG game, but here we have code and any armor or weapon is useless without it) And sometimes (like in this case) a couple of code lines can win the fight))

Well, I have bad news about it))

The person who could do that is named gab1234

Yeah, He and at least one more character. But how)

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who’s the other character?

Anderson Li, red team.

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Ask Nick to check what they wrote as their code

@nick, I found the code.

Don’t know about anderson li, but it might be the same.

Was a bad idea to do it in a bunch of other levels, because I could just look at what he/she did yesterday.

@nick Gab1234 is using enemy.defeat() for instant kill


Yeah I found that too.