? 0 health is possible?



Yes, technically. Because you get 0 health when your hero is killed.

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No, I mean when you are still alive. Wait, my gif failed AGAIN?

what do you mean?
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Yes, your gif failed.
I don’t think you have 0 health and you are still alive would be possible.

Fine then, I will upload a picture.

Maybe because the time ended.

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My action says it’s idle though.

So you finished it right before you got killed so I don’t think it is a bug

Your hero probably got hit by the munchkin wright when the level time ended

yeah thats what I was thinking

No, I took something off and here’s what happened:


(hopefully my gif don’t fail me this time)

can you show us the pic @Code_Master


Did she die?
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I am going to call in @Chaboi_3000 and @nick on this.

Nope. Not until the munchkin attacked once more.

Probably because the health values are rounded, therefore 0 HP can be actually 0.1.


Oh, that might be why. One of my friend also experiences this. In his case, ogres just stopped attacking him for some reason.

Chaboi’s probably wright that is really wiered thou

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