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[SOLVED] Level editor not working


So I’ve been making levels, and something really weird happened:

Also, I’ve been receiving rapid-fire errors, which I can’t remember what they are. Can someone help me?


Try reloading the JS console


How do I reload the JS console? (20 chars)


I don’t know about chrome, but in safari, you can click the↺ button. Also, is there anything that the errors are causing? (For example, world not loading, game crashing, inability to place things, etc.)


It’s inability to place thangs.


Well, I see you have an error of a status of 404. Try reloading the page and/or publish/save your project.


How do you save?
(20 chars)


Press this button on the top right corner.


Okay, I will.
(20 chars)


It worked! Thanks! :smile: