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[SOLVED]! need help (backwood forest)!

In backwood Forest , level Range Finder , is the level that i suppose has a bug .
This is the this was the code in the beginng :
var enemy1 = “Gort”;
var distance1 = hero.distanceTo(enemy1);

var enemy2 = “Smasher”;
var distance2 = hero.distanceTo(enemy2);

var friend3 = “Charles”;

and I needed to do a Distance Variable to enemy3 :

var enemy3 = “Gorgnub”;
var distance3 = hero.distanceTo(enemy3);

But somehow at enemy2 the Cannon kills me . Can somebody help pls ?

dinstance enemy 2, 3 when you say it it shouldnt have quotes
it should just be

and hero.say(distance3);

can you please format your code please by pressingimage please

It’s alright, i’ve probably solved it anyways.

Why is it already solved if @XxX_Mem0_XxX didn’t say?

But you don’t know that so don’t jump to conclusions.

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i mean i’ve compared it to my code after i changed @XxX_Mem0_XxX 's and it was the same and it worked

Ok but did @XxX_Mem0_XxX say they solved it?

but what i dont get is why @XxX_Mem0_XxX put the title as solved when they made it

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OOOHHHHH THEY put it to [SOLVED] ok, ok. I thought you changed it. Sorry I was confused.

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I also thought someone solved it but when i look at it there was one post and it had no edits and the title said solved so i am like what?

Sometimes it doesn’t show up if it is before the 5 min mark?

wdym the 5 min mark?

Like do you know how when you make a poll you can’t edit it after 5 minutes? I think it won’t show for that.

oh that hting. ye ai get it

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ahh ok @thebagel but for future references @XxX_Mem0_XxX please format your code so people can help

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Yeah youre right . Thank you :slight_smile:

Ok , i wont forget. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: