Range Finder, please help Python

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sorry im new, but can you please help ive been stuck for weeks


First you have to make hero.distanceTo(enemy4) a variable. Then you have to say the distance to enemy 4

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how do you make it variable

Please actually make an effort to learn. Please look at the code for enemy1 and do the same format for enemy4.

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no u yeet!!!

I’m just only trying to help. You are using little effort and making it harder for me to help you. This level requires little effort and just telling you how to make a variable is literately telling the solution. Please review the dungeon or the early forest levels and try this level again.

i am just kidding

just hero.distanceTo(enemy4) will do nothing except that the hero (aka, the computer) will calculate the current distance. variable is like what you did for enemy. instead of keeping hero.findNearestEnemy() as itself, you abbreviated it to enemy. so then, what will you name your distance to enemy4?

I’m pretty sure that this person’s problem has been solved already.

And it showed that it worked but it showed that I still need
to do see.
Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 1.45.22 PM

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No but Chaboi_3000 and Deadpool198 are.

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