{Solved}! need help (backwood forest)!

Is this a Bug or what ???

Why would it be a bug.

it’s how the level goes, it’s a math one

Try resubmitting a few times.

But i never get it right . When i say run, the Code turns out to be right . But when I submit , it doesnt Work

I did actually (20 chars)

show your code please

the problem is on line 18. it should be var aga = las*sim

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Thank You ! And I have a Question. How are you always Online ?

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I am. at. school. right. now. in. class. sory i if i sound mad

OH Ok No problem I suppose

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I just love this place too much

Could you change the name to include [solved] in it

:ok_hand: Understood (20 chars)

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