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[SOLVED] Need help with Bank Raid

// Wait for ogres, defeat them and collect gold.
while (true) {
    var enemies = hero.findEnemies();
    // enemyIndex is used to iterate the enemies array.
    var enemyIndex = 0;
    // While enemyIndex is less than enemies.length
    while (enemyIndex < enemies.length) {
        // Attack the enemy at enemyIndex
        var enemy = enemies[enemyIndex];
        // Increase enemyIndex by one.
    var coins = hero.findItems();
    // coinIndex is used to iterate the coins array.
    var coinIndex = 0;
    while (coinIndex < coins.length) {
        // Get a coin from the coins array using coinIndex
        var coins = hero.findNearestItem();
        var coin = coins[coinIndex];
        // Collect that coin.
        hero.moveXY(coins.pos.x, coins.pos.y);
    // Increase coinIndex by one.

The hero would stay in one position and not move to get the coins

Howdy and welcome to the forum!

The problem is in your final line of code…’++’ is a ‘C’ method, not (I’m pretty sure) a JS one. Change this line to the proper method and your code will work fine.

@rapwrap the problem with your code is when you repeat var coins. You don’t need the second var coins line

your code should work if you remove that line

@Falcons118 try running his code with the correction I suggested…it succeeds with no other changes.

hello guys. yeah it woks

I tried it in java too

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oh, but I have almost similar code to him and I removed his second var coins line and it also worked

Did you use the C method of ‘++’ to increment your counter?

For my last line of code i wrote CoinIndex++

And I finished the level a long time ago

@rapwrap did you solve the level

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heh…that’s interesting. I just pasted his code back in, unchanged, and ran it…it passed. :grin:

Lol. Does the equipment affect anything in this level?

That’s where I’m leaning, but he does state that:

I guess we should give him a chance to catch up and respond himself. :wink:

That’s what I am trying to say

Yea i solved the level thank you for your help

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@dedreous when he puts find nearest items for var coins the hero doesn’t move. I tried his code and it didn’t work. @rapwrap try to remove the line where you restate var coins= hero.findNearesItems

Click the solved button on whichever comment helped you sol that others will know that this topic is solved

All I can say is that his unchanged code runs perfectly…notice the ‘unpretty’ formatting is retained; it’s his code: