[SOLVED] PMs now not having the feature to add anyone anymore?

This is from a pm, I used to be able to add people, anyone could, but now I can only remove people.
Is that a bug?

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I’ve noticed I can add people to pms that are small, is 30 people the limit for pms?

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Nope, I can’t even add people to my 1 person PM.

It’s only able to add 1 time, when you create the PM.

yes you can

you can add multiple at a time when you are creating the pm

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No, I mean’t I added 1 person to the PM when I first created it. After then I can’t add anyone anymore.

thats cause you’re a basic…

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I’m basic? There should be basic freedom of rights.

Just like the Bill of Rights.

Did you even read the Discourse rules


I met all the requirements of trust level 2 I think.

I got 8 hr read time.

You must have not met one, because if you did meet all of the expectations, or else you would have already been member
And this is getting way offtopic

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ok, ok.

Btw, whered ya find the trust level thing?

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why did you just repost the whole thing…


And you’re getting very offtopic

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Why did you paste? It’s only for you to look over. /:

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There’s probably a limit on how many people can participate. (Probably an anti-spam feature)