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How do you know how much trust you're getting?

When you want to get a trust promotion is there a bar that tells you how close you are to getting one?


Here is the link to the trust levels definition and there it is what you should do in order to achieve all of the trust levels.


a good line will be " you don’t"

but ok thx @AnSeDra!

In order to become a regular @Monsty, you should:

  • visit 14 more days ( 2 more weeks)


Have you been suspended?


Ok, I need to harness the inner power of patience. I’m really impatient so this is gonna be hard

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Yeah, that would be really good. However, there are multiple things you have to do so maybe there could multiple bars.

Yes I have been suspended for spam for a day

1 single day only.

Oh, that’s a shame! :sob: You will be able to achieve regular 100 days after the day in what you were suspended.


I’ll delete that in 5 minutes

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Because you need to not be suspended in 100 days ( it is one of the requirements ).


So I have to wait 8.64e+6 Seconds?!?!?!!???!

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I belive so…


One second, I’ll check your TL3 progress @Monsty

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Is this for regular or something else – I get confused. Also, could there be a way of checking your own progress to the next TL, or would eradicate the point of it? :slight_smile:

It’s not very nice to talk about someone else like that is it?
I’ve PMd you.

I’m really sorry @AnSeDra.