[SOLVED] Protect And Serve Error

There’s something wrong with Protect And Serve in Cloudrip Mountain. Even when I just run the code from the video tutorial, it returns the error:

I’m pretty sure that this error is saying that there are more places to defend than there are soldiers, but that isn’t true. Even when I summon an extra soldier before commanding the soldiers, I still get this error (and he just stands there doing nothing). I’m sure that the extra soldier just stands there and doesn’t do anything because all the defend places are already taken by the existing soldiers and there’s no place for him to go. But I still get the error message. Even if I summon several extra soldiers, I still get this error and they all just stand there doing nothing. Even if I add extra defend[2], defend[3] positions for them to go, the extra soldiers just stand there doing nothing, won’t go to the additional defend positions, and I get this error.

No matter what I do I get this error. The default code and tutorial code get this error. No matter how many extra soldiers I have before the hero.command line, I get this error. I even reset the level and started over with just the default/video tutorial code, and this error appears.

The worst part of this is that I’m trying to get the bonus of saving the gems from the ogres, but once the error message appears, the game is stuck on that error and ignores all other code, so I can’t get the bonus.

What gives?

Message me the code the video tutorial gives.
So that we do not give away parts of the solution.
Can’t help you much on this one :confused:
It’s a subscriber level

Well P.M me the code, and since I’m a subscriber, I’ll be able to help. :wink:

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Thank you very much for your help. Easily got the bonus once the source of the error was fixed. It just doesn’t make any sense to me that the code in the video tutorial works (in the video) without that line but not when I try to run it. Since the soldiers are always present it doesn’t seem necessary but apparently it is.