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[SOLVED] Sarven Sum(Help)

// To disable the fire-traps add the lowest trap.value to the highest value.
// Move to the white X and say the answer to Kitty the cougar.
// Defeat all the ogres if you dare.
// Once all ogres are defeated move to the red X.
// Look out for potions to boost your health.

var whiteX = {x:27, y:42};
var redX = {x:151 , y: 118};


Try to read the comments and do what they tell you to.



Hello again. Try finding the min and max of the fire-traps. Then add them together and say it to Kitty.

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Patience my friend, I’ll do it later

But thanks I’ll use the tips when I play. Really thanks to everyone here too I get it now.

Happy to help @Monsty


You will succeed


Yes and thanks for your help everyone I get it now!

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Why am I saying everyone like there’s 99 people here