[SOLVED] Shine Getter Needs 3m^s or more to work

Im not sure if this is true, but my code does not work without being faster. Random Question. Is dueling grounds supposed to give you gems? It used too…

Aanyway, my computer does not let me do it :frowning: Might be a small bug. Will be posting on bug reports also

Which hero are you using? Are you using the ring of speed? What boots are you wearing? Have you tried using Pender?

The only way I run out of time is if I use Okar (the slowest hero). Even if I use Tharin (who isn’t very fast) with the boots of jumping (1.5 m/s), and no ring of speed, I still pass.

I keep getting stuck because my hero isn’t fast enough. (I’m using Tharin) I have the fastest boots that I can buy and I keep running out of time at 90 coins. What is wrong?

Hi @mitboy3 and welcome to the forum! :partying_face:

Can you show us your code formated as it is described below and a picture with your equipment so we will be able to help you solve this level?

// To grab the most gold quickly, just go after gold coins.
while (true) {
    var coins = hero.findItems();
    var coinIndex = 0;
    // Wrap this into a loop that iterates over all coins.
    while (coinIndex < coin.length) {
        var coin = coins[coinIndex];
        // Gold coins are worth 3.
        if (coin.value == 3) {
            // Only pick up gold coins.
            hero.moveXY(coin.pos.x, coin.pos.y);
    coinIndex += 1;

then it shows this:

Try coins.length instead of coin.length because theres only coins variable, and also after the while loop you have to put 4 spaces infront of each line for it to work function properly.

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now it says that there is an infinite loop.

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Put the coinIndex += 1 in the while loop.


Thank you! That seemed to work. :grinning:

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Your Welcome! :smile: if you have any other questions feel free to dm me or summon me using @Ufy