[Solved] Coincrumbs {HELP}

I have the right code its just my speed is to low and I can not
buy the speed ring its to expensive and I tried all of my boots to see if on has the most but
they all have the same amount of speed or less I can not afford better boots right now anyway I do not know if this a bug or not so I will just put it as level help. I could also include a screen shot to:
Screenshot 2020-09-16 at 12.56.32 PM

Can you send me the code in a PM? Maybe your code has something is will not allow you to pass. And can you send the equipment and the level link?
Thanks, Lydia

yes I have already sent you one. (20 char)

Can you send me a screenshot of your equipment? And your hero?

try too simulate and get better boots ore ring of speed

Do you have subscription?
If you do, I suggest equipping one of the free subscription heros. The starter heros are just way too slow.

no I do not have a subscription.

Try now. And submit a few times.

Do you have any other heros? Like ranger and wizard, they’re usually pretty fast.

use compound boots the boots u currently have are too slow it slows u down by 2 meters per second

nope only the starter because I do not want to pay money just to play a coding.

ok I will try the compound boots if I can afford it.


bruv u already have it

oh yeah your right thank you

thank you It worked!

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no its not its Tharin one of the default characters

no its not its Tharin one of the default characters

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