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[SOLVED] The Lost Viking Help Raven Not Speaking

Isn’t the raven supposed to tell you the parameters for SLIDE, SKIP and SWITCH? Calling on @dedreous, @AnSeDra and @Anna .

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Yes, it is and does:

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So after wondering about it for ages, I found you could just put these numbers in as variables - there’s nothing clever about writing code to put them in automatically. They stay the same when you submit.

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That’s pretty much about it…

SKIP = 7

Of course, each seed will be different :wink:

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Oh yeah it does. Maybe it was because I had the raven as a pet. :laughing:

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I would like some help with Lost Viking. I understand that each seed is different but help would be appreciated. Here is my code:

# You MUST click on the HELP button to see a detailed description of this level!

# The raven will tell you what to use for your maze parameters!
SKIP = 7
# How many sideSteps north of the Red X you've taken.
sideSteps = 1

# How many steps east of the Red X you've taken.
steps = 1

# Multiply this with steps to determine your X coordinate. DON'T CHANGE THIS!

# Multiply this with sideSteps to determine your Y coordinate. DON'T CHANGE THIS!

# The maze is 35 steps along the X axis.
while steps <= 35:

    # Take the next step:
    hero.moveXY(steps * X_PACE_LENGTH, sideSteps * Y_PACE_LENGTH)
    # Increment steps and sideSteps as appropriate, taking into account the special rules.
    steps += 1
    sideSteps += 0.85

Please can I have help? I don’t understand what the hints mean.

Oh well I finished it no need. But man it was so hard