[solved]What should my profile pic be?

over the last 7 months or so i have gone through a bunch of different profile pics.
I can’t seem to find one i like enough!
So can you guys post some ideas?
I like minecarft, the ledgend of zelda, lord of the rings, and of course, code combat.

You can edit some ideas on here:
let’s keep the wiki to words okay?

I’m gonna say no dragons.(sry)

I’d say go with the 2nd one

This one right here at the bottom

link or frodo. The one ring might be okay too.

I do like this one. but i’m not into cars.
10 Cool Minecraft Statue Ideas (With Photos) - EnderChest


what about the face or mask of a character that you like. I had iron man for awhile.

Yeah what do you have now.

you can look up “cool Minecraft pfps” in Google that is how I got my profile pic.


Just search “cool profile pics” with whatever word you want before the word profile.


Alright done with my pfp! editing the topic name…

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dude, whatever-it-was-called-link? I was thinking more breath of the wild link than the other one… forgot the name. Although that’s better for profile pic, now that I think about it.

windwaker. but i like it, it’s more happy(even tough i like looking cool)

looks a bit like the… uh, hmmm… uh, I’ll end this post.

This should probably be closed now @Chaboi_3000. Also in the future @CocoCharlie try to keep this limited to a PM with one or two people

Yeah, i wanted everyones opinion though.

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I like your profile pic
it looks good


Thanks! i like it to…