Who loves minecraft so change your pfp to minecraft

if you do that you can join #minecraftgang

#Minecraftgang is a place where people with Minecraft profile pics talk about anything Minecraft. But if you change out of the Minecraft profile pic you are out of #Minecraftgang.

so are we never changing them

unless you don’t wanna be in #Minecraftgang you can change it just not to something NOT Minecraft.

as long as it’s Minecraft you are in.

Ranger- on Scratch

use one of theese or one minecraft photo you found online


post some photos @098765432123 and @abc of minecraft



thats fair are going to change yours thou

I can’t on this computer, because the good ones are blocked.

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I’m on laptop and I see 99% of pictures on CodeCombatDiscourse.

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okaybit you can still search them up right

I can’t because most of them look like this:
These are the best ones I can find:
OIP (6) OIP (5)


Are these good @ZAX155?

yes they are super good

Services - MINECRAFT GFX -@KexinGFX | YouTube Forum | The #1 YouTube  Community | Video Editing, Branding & YouTube HelpCollection Of RendersAnother pfp (i suck at sword effects so.... rip...) | Hypixel - Minecraft  Server and MapsTidal PfP | Hypixel - Minecraft Server and MapsCreate you minecraft banner, profile picture, and thumbnail by TriponbZithy YouTube Banner and Profile Picture | Hypixel - Minecraft Server and  MapsMinecraft Profile Picture

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@098765432123 @abc are these good

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@ZAX155 I really like the first 1

That’s Housemaster! (Owner of 2b2t)

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