(SOLVED) What's wrong with this code?

I am doing this level and it says there is an error in line 3, though I do not understand how it is incorrect.

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Please format your code.

You’re not suposed to put parathesis

The screen’s too small! I can’t see!

enemy1 = "Kratt"
(def enemy1 "Kratt")
enemy1 := "Kratt"

enemy2 = "Gert"
(def enemy2 "Gert")
enemy2 := "Gert"

enemy3 = "Ursa"
(def enemy3 "Ursa")
enemy3 := "Ursa"


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actually you don’t even need those lines you already defined enemy1 and so on

delete this

and this

and this

Oh, yeah

No brackets needed.

P.S. @Eric_Tang, it’s small even if I click on it

Actually he doesen’t even need those lines because he already defined the variables and ''def" is for a function

I deleted exactly what you said but my hero still dies

your supposed to attack each enemy two times

Ok it worked now, thank you