Something is wrong here

I do not how it happened put for some odd reason I do not have this achievement:

If you can not see it, I have not gotten the “Signed up” achievement. Does anybody know what is wrong?

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C’est ou que tu vois cela?

Is this where you see it?

Where do you get to display this chart?

what do you mean? (20)

You go to achievements in the bottom right corner of the screen

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Vous accédez aux réalisations dans le coin inférieur droit de l’écran

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@Speedypickle1 this has been noted. Some achievements do not sync with player progress, therefore not giving you the rewards.

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you have it is the 5th last achievement

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it looks like a trophy

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wait i see it on my account @Chaboi_3000 any idea why?

I think it has something to to with my subscription because I purchased it when I got my account.

im not subscribed @Speedypickle1

I was talking about why I did not get the achievement @098765432123

i didnt get it either when i saw it on my account

Hmmm, it still will not show up

Uhm. Just a hypothesis… Did you get lifetime subscription?

no i have no subscription do you have it @Alexbrand if so are you a sub?