Achievements Still Won't Work

I clicked on achievements, and the only one i got was the first one, make an account. nothing after that activates no matter how many times i do it. i have seen the other post about it, but for me i get only one achievement, not level achievements.

Yup, that’s the same bug. Scott has an idea for how to fix this, so it might be resolved soon.

They popped for me after I ponied up for a subscription.

Not for me. still broken

I’m going to try recalculating to see if they start showing up. Let me know if you see the “beat N levels” the next time you beat a level after this (well, after an hour from now, since it takes a while).

Still not showing up for me. (On world view, clicking achievement icon on bottom right of page) i still only have the signup achievement listed there.

still just the first one for me. :frowning: im missing so many gems i should have because of this glich

We’re still tracking the bug over here:

We think we’ve fixed it for achievements going forward, but now we need to make it retroactively apply properly.