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Something is wrong with the FAQ?


i think there is something wrong with the faq, it is not formatted correctly, as you can see here, most of the text looks like code.

here is the link to the faq to check by yourself: FAQ - Check Before Posting


Ya. I think they changed what you have to do to format code.
@Bryukh FIX IT! :frowning:


i mean that the faq itself is formatted incorrectly, which is ironic


They just changed how you format stuff, and they prob forgot the FAQ. ye ironic


that’s what i thought, i am new to code combat, so i don’t know how they formatted it in the past


@nick , @maka , i know you are so busy, but can you guys put this problem in your to-do list


Why do you order me and use THIS STYLE?


idk. i suppose u dont have to fix it if you dont want to. I’m just saying you should, cuz this is hilarious
why am I using THIS STYLE? because if i dont use caps, most people will just skip over the words


And I think you SHOULD be more polite. Please, stop bothering me please and use mentions without need.


Okay. I won’t mention you anymore. I shall not message you or bother you, Bryukh. My most sincere apologies. Please don’t ban me or something.


Hey there –

I handle support for CodeCombat. If you need help, you can summon me. Don’t summon anyone else. When you do, you’re pulling them away from improving CodeCombat.

And in general, when you’re asking for help, be polite. ALL CAPS is considered shouting by many people.



Also, the FAQ is a bit out of date. I’m updating it, but there’s almost always something a bit more urgent, so it might be a while before the changes appear.