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This is normal?


Hi there again. in the level “Interception” at the “Desert” world. the level indicate me i must equip and item, but that item, is blocked for that level.

well the another level in the same desert world, called “Fast and Furry-ous” is just for Subscribers

i am free user. like i try to post yesterday :

I doubt that one day I will have enough money to pay the access for life, while still living in Venezuela and without the possibility of migrating
Why not put an option for hide all things are just for subscribers and put buttons for subscribe in the bottom buttons where are the Store, Guilds, etc. and put too in the configuration of account.
How i should to the CodeCombat team allow me translate (to spanish latin american) the levels, and the code pre loaded when the user enter in the level by first time ?

i wait today the above text can be published


Use Mahogany glasses.


There’s an intermittent bug that sometimes makes the arrow point in the wrong place.

Look at your character sheet and figure out what item is missing.

Is it glasses? Then go down the list of non-restricted items and find a pair of glasses you can use.

Sometimes it’s boots, sometimes it’s a book of spells or one of the other accessory items.

We have this bug on our list of things to fix, but it’s just not as high a priority as other issues right now.

We apologize for the confusion.



i understand. i just have an additional dunno
the CodeCombat team, had planned to add CPP to languages for the game ?


If you mean C++ then we’d love to eventually add it, but we have no immediate plans to do so.

Like Java and other languages that get asked about from time to time, this could change if a large school or school district told us they needed these languages to purchase.

However, we believe that Python and JavaScript are great introductory levels and both are growing in usage.



Yes i mean C++ , i really love to learn C++ and ASM [assembly (or assembler) language] but this lastest i dunno what i can find in some website similar to this for learn it, because i can’t learn reading.

my very most effective form of learning is with using the “Ludification” (the method of using any means of entertainment for learning, especially using “Gamingfication”, the same but with video/games). i try lots of times another methods like read, but my mind goes blank when i read for example books, and then i don’t learn anything.

Because I am self-taught I have learned a bit of bash without having read anything of how to do it, but that has brought me many problems, especially the realization that my logic is bad.

and that’s why I love codecombat I’ve learned in 2-3 days, things I had not learned in 3 years, writing my own “bash” / “batch” scripts

for example, what they told me to put the variable “Enemigos” inside the “while True:”

Then analyze that as a global variable, that only happens once, but for the level that was using it, it needed to be repeated constantly in order to update the most recent “Enemy” available