Specifications of Items

So right now I’m wondering what the jump range is of my Boots of Leaping. I’ve also wondered things about other items in the game that don’t fully show all the specifications. For example, I’ve been wondering if I should buy The Precious. It says it has spells but the only spell mentioned is invisibility. Are there more spells? If so, am I allowed to know them before I buy the item or is it a surprise for after I buy it? Personally, I think it would be nice to know what I’m buying. I think a good idea might be to create a page where all the specifications of every item are listed. That way people could refer to it for strategy purposes. (By the way if anyone has a short answer to the jump range of the boots of leaping, I wouldn’t mind :wink:)

all the items functions are listed. Precious only makes you invisible.

At the Thang Editor, you can type in the name of pretty much anything in the game–items, characters, scenery, enemies, etc.–and find the specifics. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing jump length for the Boots of Leaping at first glance. :confused:

Sorry for the late reply, but I agree the boots of leaping requires a better specification. Not even the thang editor has the whole data.

Boots of leaping
Jump speed: 6.5m/s + hero speed

Jump duration: 0.533 to 2 seconds
Jump duration = MAX (0.533, MIN (2, distance to destination / jump speed))

(the 0.033 is the basic game engine frame duration. Most actions take their stated cooldown + 1 basic frame)
So if you try to jump further your’ll jump a longer time but always between 0.533 and 2 seconds

Jump distance = MIN ( distance to destination, 2seconds * jump speed)

!! The jump will be interrupted if you bump into an obstacle or a tall enemy

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