Item specifics request

A lot of items require further description, it’s not possible to do a fair evaluation with the information provided.
It would be great to have damage values for emperors gloves, a video example of the jump boots or a time value for the invisibility ring, otherwise purchasing them is a shot in the dark.

Also can anyone provide first hand information regarding which items are best for their value?

The damage (and other) values not showing in the item descriptions is a known bug, by the way.

You can see a lot of details in the Thang Editor.

Thanks! still, I would really appreciate some info on emperor’s gloves damage (that info is not on thang) , caltrops and invisibility ring duration.

Yes, actually, it does. In the page on the Emperor’s Gloves, go to the Components tab, then click magic.castsChainLightning.

OOOOHHHHHH (Read in voice from the aliens in the claw machine from toy story)