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Spike Walls - how do they work?


In levels like Dungeons of Kithgard (1st level) if the player bumps against a spike wall it animates and does damage to the hero.

However when I place the spikes using the “Add Thang” tool in the Level editor the spikes do not automatically seem to attack the player.

I have been searching for the code to tell the spikes to look for the player and attack it, however I have been unable to identify where that would be.

Anyone able to provide some insight?



If I remember correctly, they attack a unit only if it’s moving. I’ll check and answer you.


Just checked it: They attack always, the default attackDamage is 10. I put them on the floor. If you place them on a wall, then look careful about the distance.


Yes that was the issue. The wall bounding box must have been closer than the spiked wall bounding box for determining if the spikes could attack.

I reduced the x coordinate on the spiked wall until it damaged the hero.

Thank you.