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No. Nick unlocked those for me. I got Morning’s Edge unlocked from a random glitch ages ago, but Nick gave consent as long as I keep it out of arenas.


After Ursara, are there going to be 3 more heroes?

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Nope. After Ursara the plan is to add more items/levels.

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What items?

Enemies? 20 characters

For example, rings. That’s why I’m actively looking for new ideas here:

Oh, yes. There are lots of rings in Thang Editor.

What about after lava world?

You can look for rings in Ideas for New Weapons

Glacier is still pretty empty. We’d want to fill those in more.

It is? 20 characters

Aiming for around ~80 levels

I think there should be like a level limit. For example, Desert should be 5(example) levels more than Backwoods and mountain should be 10(example) levels more than desert x2 repeat

I’m actually working on one of Ursara’s abilities. The equipment I’m using is Lightning Twig. Would this ability be good for her?

  • Yes
  • No

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CoCo creates their levels according to the CS curriculums, so some zones may have more levels than others.

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You should also develop the enemies, or worlds, because after someone finishes glacier, they go to lava land, and then it gets boring after you finish it.

Ok 20 charactersersers

I think some form of endless content would be cool to have other than brawls. Also adding weekly levels may keep players playing.

That ability is quite cool. Quite reminiscent of Nalfar sacrifice tactic. Although maybe less powerful if it only lasts a little bit. I can’t quite see exactly what effect it has though.

cough cough :

Perhaps now is the time??!


I’m thinking about making it so you can choose a stat to transfer. (“health”,“damage”,“speed”). She’s pretty powerful if you got lots of troops :slight_smile: (Maybe too big though)

I wouldn’t be surprised if it got done within 3 years though.