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i aleadly that you liked the first and then they screwed up the last 2

nah I only like the black dragon the other ones are kinda confusing

Dont you think that the steelers arent good

I only like the Night Fury, Toothless.

They got clapped by the bills and big ben through a pick 6 which basically ended the game

that is toothless
and @abc go here to talk about how to train your dragon

uh am i all alone again

yep i am alone again waaah

wow though the jets got destroyed by the seahawks

yee haw cowboys yeehaw

you like the cowboys and steelers?

yee haw i am a cow boy yee haw

no i am doing a cowboy personation i only like the steelers

yee haw @Falcons118 yee haw

do you know the players on the steelers? or do you just like them because they are good?

i like them because i was born in Pittsburgh

Ohhhh ok that makes more sense…

start to type something

umm okay???

done i got it @Falcons118