Topic for how to train your dragon

this where you can talk about how to train your dragon films and series and short films.

They are cool! This is what I can tell about them.

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they are @PeterPalov what is your favorite dragon
mine is toothless the night fury that belongs to hiccup


I watched the film on Russian, so I DK the name of it.
It’s black and it has green eyes.

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thats toothless @PeterPalov

Yeah, it is. 20 chars

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is this the one So cute toothless GIF - Find on GIFER

uh am i all alone again @Falcons118 come here please

they have a netflix tv show with five seasons. I watched them as they came out. they take place between the first and the second movies.

race to the edge is that the one and it had 6 seasons

hello dragon fans please talk here @098765432123

Why did you at me? (20)

to show you this topic

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Try reading the books! The style of writing is childish but the plot is great!

i own them all so i have read great point thou have you read the comic book one about the serpents heir

the books are okay, but they are not like the movies at all.

Me and My sister love it

I love it too. I remember watching it when it came out. I also watched all the Netflix series and stuff. This is my favourite theme from it:


How to Train Your Dragon’s an amazing movie, is there a second movie for How to Train Your Dragon? :3


I believe there are 3.

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