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fine. (20 characters.)

Did anyone ever realize that withches have (yellow) fangs

yes. (20 characters)

I just noticed it. BTW did you play my Good vs Evil lvl i made it harder now

show me the link to that.

wait nevermind found it.

I made this level.Try it out and consider giving feedback :smile:,
Fire traps or tornados, It’s your choice :wink:

you gave the editor link.

the link you had to give:

Ooops sorry (20000000)

Easiest level ever. (20)

Well hello here :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello @Emidoge , Lets talk here

Alrighty What do you think Boruto…

nice to see 2 fans of the same topic meet.

Its cool. But Naruto is way better. But that could change. I mean i only saw the first episode

The Naruto theme song Yeeaaa!

Other than Naruto, Kakashi is my second favorite charecter @Emidoge

OMG just figured this out. The items that are not released are in the shop. they are just hidden. I am getting closer on how to get those items