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Sports Polls/ Highlights, Clips

My Newest Upload. I uploaded this today:

The first clip was from 2 years ago just fyi :wink:
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As a fan of rugby, I’m disappointed of how England made too many mistakes, and I think they could’ve done better. Overall, I think South Africa did a pretty good job with this season…but All Blacks(New Zealand) is still the best team. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are they though? Let’s not forget England beat them.

Yeah, that’s true. I just want to remember our game against the All Blacks. It’s a shame Wales and Ireland didn’t get further as well.

I agree, it is sad. But I think we can come back for 2023 (with Itoje as Captain??)

Hold on, what does this have to do with codecombat?

Not everything has to be to do with CodeCombat, as long as its what the topic is about, it’s fine. And you can go a little bit off topic anywhere, just not too much or it gets confusing.

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