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Sports Polls/ Highlights, Clips


Yo wassup everybody I know we got an amazing topic for polls with 51,000 views.

Shoutout to @Gamestack for making this great topic. So over the past few days I noticed that there have been a lot of sports polls so I wanted to create a Polls topic focused on sports. Sports Highlights and Clips are also welcomed. I hope it’s ok for me to create another polls topic cause I really wanna focus on sports for these polls.

Here is my first poll:

Who should be rookie of the year?
Now a lot of you might be thinking, “Oh yeah it’s Luka Doncic for sure!” But actually take a look at the highlights from this game from Atlanta Hawks rookie point guard Trae Young:

Now you guys probably can guess by now that I believe Trae Young is the Rookie of the Year. This is very true. Take a look at this video from Trae:

So here is the poll for who should be rookie of the year.

  • Luka Doncic
  • Trae Young

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