Stranded In the Dunes, Siege of Stonehold and lockup

I’ve been noticing that in the more intense levels (I put two examples in the subject) that even with clean code, sometimes my character just gets ‘stuck’, and won’t pick up flags or keep up in a loop of attacking the nearest enemy. This may be an issue with my own hardware, but I figured I’d at least call it to everyone/anyone’s attention, and see if anyone else was having the same issue.

I’ve had that happened before in those levels. The game screen just turns white and locks up. I found a couple of things that you can do to help.

  1. Clear history

  2. Try a faster and better computer.

  3. Try not to spam the flag button and be careful, that may also cause the lockup.

It took me about 50 attempts to complete Stranded in the Dunes even though I had the correct code because it kept freezing. Never give up!


that might be a tiny bug too.


Hmm… Now I’m finding that my hero (Amara) won’t attack the Skeleton King in the opening waves of skeletons in ‘Stranded In the Dunes’; is that normal? Do you have to defeat however many waves of skeletons before the Skeleton King turns into an enemy?

(If that’s the case, can I hack it by using findByType?)

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I haven’t tried using findByType before, you can on your own though.
Yes, you must defeat a certain amount of waves of skeletons before the King becomes an enemy.

I highly recommend buying the emperor’s gloves so you can cast chain lightning

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So much for style. I had been banking long-range attacks, and finally decided to just brute force it with Alewhatever-his-name-is the Duelist. Even without any potions spawning at the end of the level, he just sort of routinely mowed through everything. And I guess that now I can get Okar, and afford to have even less style. :wink:

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