[Bug] Stranded In the Dunes


My code is basically, summon a soldier, move to a flag, pick it up, attack enemies, command soldier to attack enemies. However, whenever I reach the boss fight, my computer crashes. I have tried this on multiple PC’s and I can never complete this level because it keeps freezing. Help!


Post your code in case there are any hidden code errors that have not yet been spotted.


Was it a memory dump? That’s the only other answer I can think of besides that it is a bug. You should post it on our GitHub issues page.



I have the same problem, but i solved: Don’t summon any unit, just attack.


Please explain the issue


@_TD_RodYT said and I tried too, to summon any type of unity. and i think these units crashed the level. I tried a lot of time, but when I get the summon (Burl and Skeleton) out from my code, the level run perfectly. I tried the level just with the Burl, and its also crashed at the end.

(Sorry for my bad english)


So is there anyway to beat this level? My computer keeps crashing in the boss fight and I can never get to win and unlock the Hero. My code heavily rely on flags to move to flag.pos so any lag and I’m dead. I cannot get much further without summoning even though I have best armor in game.


I use Unholy Tome V, and i always cast the drain life, because its heal me.


Its either a bug, glitch, or memory dump…Try to get more memory…