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Stuck at "Dueling Grounds"


What techniques should I use on “Dueling Grounds”. I don’t get what I need to do. I seem to be missing something. Also, it looks like I should walk to each of the red dots, but I only have up, down, left, right.
I see the

  • self.say
  • self.maxhealth
    Am I supposed to use those here?
# Defeat the enemy hero in a duel!

        enemy1 =self.findNearestEnemy()


Can you please post a screenshot about that lvl ?


The only real goal here is to kill the other hero. You can use whatever codes you can to do that, the simplest just being

just loop and depending on gear on stuff you can win.


What is an effective way to use the shield() method when attacking an enemy?



You can’t use shield when attacking an enemy. Shield you just shield yourself and can’t attack at the same time.


But couldn’t you use shield while you wait for cleave to warm up?


self.moveXY(64, 29)
self.moveXY(63, 14)
self.moveXY(61, 12)
self.moveXY(58, 12)

I’ve used this… I’ve defeated the enemy but why ?? the Goals still “FAILING” ???


Maybe you defeated it in more than 90 seconds?