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CodeCombat Duelling grounds help?


So I’ve been stuck for a few days now on Duelling Grounds. My code looks like this:

if self.isReady(“cleave”)

Whenever i do this though, it points to line 12 (which ive written nothing on) and says ‘Please double check your code carefully. Unexpected token’.

Please could someone tell me the code i need to use.


That might mean there was something wrong on line 11.
Maybe you forgot the : after ("cleave")

Also, check the FAQ before posting.
Use backticks to properly format your code, etc.


I’m having trouble updating my gears/equipment in Dueling Grounds. My “Play as Blue” button is now on the left side of the screen and after I start a game through that button, my gears are still the same as when I first rank my blue matches even if I update my gears in campaign mode. Before, when the “Play as Blue” button is at the right side of “Play as Red” button, I can easily update my gears when starting a match through these buttons.
I’m not sure if what’s happening is normal but is there an easy way to start a match or restart my ranking with my latest gears?

UPDATE: Never mind, I figured how. If anyone wants to know: While in on a match, open “Game Menu” (Top of the screen, menu button), click “Change Hero” button, then equip your desire gears. That’s how.