Students cant log in

I created a teacher user, and a class.
My students were able to create a user, join the class and play… everything good,
but then if they log out and try to log in again - it’s say “user doesnt exist”…
After a little check, I saw that only those who write username in Hebrew cant log in.
The students that write usename in English can log in again.

So the site doesnt support username in Hebrew? they already do some levels twice because of that…
I really need help with that. It’s 20~ students that already do the levels twice…


This is something that the CodeCombat team is going to have to handle. I’ll summon @maka, who is the liaison here for the team. It would be best for you to email your issue to They are usually very prompt in responding to issues like this.

Hello @inbarxz – I can’t really help you here on the forums – send an email to As far as I know, we should be able to handle Hebrew as usernames, but it’s possible we broke something.

Email and give me your teacher email address (so I can find your class) and one or two of the Hebrew usernames that aren’t working.