Students can't access

My students have completed the first free course (most in an hours lesson) and when I used code combat last year they could then go to and continue to play through the other free levels.

Now it’s just taking them back to the dashboard. I’ve read that this could be due to them being student accounts? I tried removing them from the class but this didn’t help and I then lost the data to track them with my teacher dashboard (so I added them back).

I have 100+ students doing the first course so I don’t want to have to get them all converted to non student accounts! They have to used their school email accounts already to sign in with google so they can’t set up a separate new CC account with the same email address to play the other levels I don’t think? They aren’t allowed to use personal email addressed in school. Is there any other way they can ‘free play’?



Hi there,
Students cannot play the home version of the game.

They will need to create new accounts to play the home version of the game (which, if they’re under 13, also means they’ll need parental permission).


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