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Success on repayable levels


look at this screenshot


another vague post by you. what is your question?

I’m going to assume it’s something about completing the level. did you collect 100 coins? you cropped your screenshot so nobody can see the coins counter. Thats how you win this level. get 100 coins before the time runs out. Which might I add you can not accomplish without going into at least 2 of the rooms. It’s designed this way. So judging from the screenshot, you ran out of time because i see no bodies in the other 2 rooms.


@sotonin my question was: why has it been saying ‘submit in 3 hours’ when a day past by?


That would be a good question for @nick I have not encountered that before and the replayable functionality is universal. From now on post your question first. Don’t be so quick to post stuff without going into detail about the problem. It’s not a race to post things and without the appropriate information nobody can assist you.


But now… it doesn’t let me win


@shoodong Has it let you submit again yet? It should be counting down the time since last submission constantly, so I can’t think of a way it would be stuck on “3 hours” for more than one hour straight.