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How fast have you finished the free levels?


i finished all the free levels in 9 days, i think i am the fastest one to finish it, maybe i should get a reward, like a subscription for 1 month :smiley:
i already had a programming experience, but just as a hobby.
how fast have you finished the free levels?, reply with your time.
PS. if anyone is stuck at a free level, just send me a message, and i will help you with some tips.


That is fast! Mine took 10 days.
Maybe there should be a “Book of Records”, so that people can compete for the newest record on

  1. levels high score
  2. levels completed
  3. fastest level completion
  4. Highest Health completion
  5. Most gold after a level
    a. Ex: Serpent Savings

And more! Maybe there should be a reward for those who made the book.


i was going to finish it in 7 days but i was so busy and a little bit ill.

i like your idea, we need a book of records, @nick @maka what do you think about this idea??


This is technically pointless (since some tryhards will create a new account and copy paste code from each level in their old account into each level in their new account and finish all levels in ten minutes.)


i see your point, but the game can easily track this, i am just asking how fast did the other people finish the game, to see if i am the fastest, or there is someone faster than me


what’s the point though
I could finish all the levels in a single day if I played it 24/7


if you just started the game, some levels will take a lot of thinking, like kelvintaph defiler, it is just about how fast do you think.


and i think that if the game can count it by hours it will be more fair, right??


That level, tbh, was kinda easy…

Pretty much just annoying in coding the first few seconds and getting the coordinates right.

No thinking required. Literally. There was nothing hard about it. Just use a soldier to kill a shaman, and use that soldier to free an archer, then command all to attack nalfar, then escape b4 the yeti comes and kills your troops.

Then just slaughter everything after your hero is freed.


it was easy but tricky, you need to time it correctly, and you need to find some tricks, like that you can attack in the air and to correctly tell your paladin to heal and shield.


“tricks” that’s not thinking. just exploits. heal and shield is just an if loop.

timing is just some if loops/while loops.

Tricky doesn’t mean it needs thinking.


yeah, but those tricks was hard to find.


As i said, that’s not thinking. Ima reset my status to normal.


yeah, you’re right.

so maybe a more correct example will be binary deployment, but that’s only if you didn’t copy the previous code.


Not exactly. What about not giving the full gem amount if code is copied and pasted?

BTW: Happy New Year!!:grin::grinning::slightly_smiling_face::laughing:


Kelvintaph defiler was super easy, beat it with Ritic, because of phase shift and blink. Also used gift of the trees and shadow vortex.


I have 8 levels left and I am subscriber.


dude, you are a subscriber, you guys are so lucky, my parents won’t let me subscribe because i am so addicted to this game


I had to use my own money.


i have my own money but they won’t let me use it to buy a subscription