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Sumbit + esc(skip) combo cause incorrect level completion times / 0 damage taken


Sumbit + esc(skip)
repeat x times
You at the top of leader board

Probably if you block skip( esc ) for first 10 sec
it will fix the problem.

Forest Evasion, How calculate the time?

Let’s beat all the leaderboards! NOW! :wink:


I am not interested in "by time leaderboards"
Because almost all the top results is unrealistic
i don’t even think people a cheating on purpose
seems like codecombat simply can’t handle it

if I see the main leaderboard is by time
for most levels
I just move to the next level
cos top result unreachable
if level is old
or you result will dropped down anyway
if level is new

for people who interested in top results by sumbit + esc
test this bug only few times
but seems like result depend on now fast you execute this combo
so I can suggest use macros for better results
something like

wait 200



work great for Damage taken
Leaderboards also
zero damage taken - easy as never


More than a month has passed
Critical bug (at least for me)
Still here
Tested it today for Triage

Can someone from the team @Serg @nick
At least leave
comment in the style
It’s not a bug, it’s a feature

Overall it feels like
there is like no one from the team
responsible for bugs posted on forum

it leave really bad Impression
like users abandoned on their own
CodeCombat team do not care

You can at least
once a week set quick status
for topics in bugs
not a bug
under consideration

You can not await all people go to the git for posting they bugs
Its newbie place
And it is not obvious that a bug and what is not

You at least make illusion
that you appreciate feedback


Hello htrnblr,

I appreciate your feedback, really. However, we have much more pressing issues to tackle at the moment!

Please create an issue for this in GitHub so it can be tracked and assigned, and taken by our open source contributors should they want to fix it. While the forums is for newer players to get through levels, it is important that junior programmers and computer scientists get used to software/tools like GitHub! Be sure to include the phrase “leaderboard” and “exploit” so we can search for it easier when we want to prioritize this part of the game.

Please understand we have a lot on our plate this year, and that the leaderboards are used by few people.


thanks for the response

I think that if there is a forum

While user support
About "why my code does not work"
This is mainly the responsibility of community

In the case of bugs
there is a lot of unanswered topics
It is the responsibility of administration at least
indicate to the user that the report was read
And to establish the status of report

But I understand your point of view