Summit's gate, commanding paladins to heal soldiers

hey guys, so i’m at summit’s gate for 2 weeks now,. quite a difficult one…
anyways, i have this issue, that the warlocks put my troops against me, and it breaks the code (that’s my interpretation), here’s a screenshot, any way around it?

thanks in advance guys, you’re great~!

Have you tried adding the following? (Apologies, this is in python, but I believe you should be able to access the property … )

if == “humans”:

or potentially check

if ==“ogres”

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You could do as Msakr suggested, and say if ( === "humans") {. Alternatively, this.findByType has an optional argument that filters by team. It works like this:

var paladins = this.findByType("paladin", this.findFriends());

This only returns the paladins on your team.

Can you show me your code? I can’t figure out how to pass the level either.