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Talk about nintendo

meta knight and kirby( they are overpowered) and link

i love jigglypuff do u know her down b is really op! it kills at 50% most the time

Does anyone play The Ledgend of Zelda?
My family is really big on it. But we don’t have any new consoles so we don’t have Breath of the wild.

that isnt nintendo u know tht right? why not make a topic about zelda?

Zelda is totally nintendo!! the switch is nintendo, so breath of the wild is nintendo!

Smash bros is pretty fun. I’d set up the projector and the game with several friends, and we’ll play. Not very good at it though :sweat_smile:


just because its on a nintendo console dosent mean Zelda belongs to nintendo @CocoCharlie

@098765432123 Well, it is. look it up!
@Chaboi_3000 I’m pretty good at smash bros, it is an awesome game when you have friends over. It gets pretty overwhelming with over 3 people though. :laughing:


i do this thing with my sister its we are on a team aganst 6 cpus on one team and us on another we start at level 1 and work our way up whenever we win we move 3 cpu levels up by 1 and see how long we can go witout losing

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u see there are 6 uuof us in one house and i only have enough controllers for 4 ppl (joycon can count as 2) and u think thats not overwhelming? try playing with max cpus.


the person with the book and the sword from fire emblem

what about those 2 characters?

I like playing them in smash

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nice i have 5 mains (20)

oh I have a ton
Kirby cloud palutena ness the guy with the book and sword shulk

we would have a fun time against each other then

cause mine are Jigglypuff, Ganandorf, DK, Bowser, and pichu (Jigglypuff and pichu are the 2 ligtest characters in the game)

light characters a hard.

it depends on the character to be honest

i learned with Jigglypuff pretty quick like supprising quick for any character