Topic for stuff that is crazy, like the kithgard brawl thing. Or if I beat someone who has insane stuff and good code, like this. Um, sorry

Just excited I beat alexbrand.

I’m smashing nalfar cryptors.

falcons? When did you last update your code?

I dont do multiplayer stuff anymore

ah, that makes sense. I don’t think other people do multiplayer stuff either.

@Falcons118 what if I asked you to a multiplayer thing? would you do it? * woof *

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No because I am horrible at multiplayer and I like regular levels cuz they give gems

le oof it was worth a try :3

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What about brawls? Do you do brawls?

yeah I do replayable levels
just not multiplayer

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Is this topic necasary?

Yeah it helps people in Kinthgard Brawl(the 2nd easiest brawl in history)

If you insist. @Dragonlouis what place are you in.

This topic does seem very unnecessary…

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yea, sorta seems like a bragging topic, but I digress.

I think the title doesn’t make since it confuses me… * tilts head*


Ritic the cold with wizard equipment. Not me, but HOW???

So it is a glitch say you used ritic on a level and you used that same wizard equipment on a different level if you get lucky they merge. It happens to me all the time.

Yes as @anon62741001 and @Eric_Tang said this topic isn’t necessary as we already have a off topic type post in the #off-topic category. @Chaboi_3000 can this be closed