Teleport to enemy

How do I teleport troops to the enemy? it does not take them to the other side.


If you are talking about iron & ice, you can’t, it only teleports enemies to the other side.
For example If you use teleport it will teleport the ogres/fireball things to the other side of the arena.


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The enemies to be teleported to the other side need to be in the pink “input” teleportation circle.

What I do is pull them toward the point where you would want them to be teleported and then use the function.

Java Example:

    hero.special("pull", desired.pos.x, desired.pos.y);"archer", random.pos.x, random.pos.y); //Fills appropriate time gap before using teleport, and maximizes efficiency
    hero.special("teleport", desired.pos.x, desired.pos.y);
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