Thang editor help

How do you make and add abilities to thangs?

Has anybody seen the topic?

Look here for guidance

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Ok thanks. 20 chars 20

Did this help. Well my job is done.

I mean that I want to make my own ability to add.
I figured out how to add abilities but not make them.

Should I message someone?

Could you help me with this?

You can create a new component in the component editor.

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What is Thang editor

Where is the component editor?
Um… Anybody seen this?

Is anybody there?
Sorry if it is buggy.

Maybe he mean the Thang Editor?

Component editors can be located within the level editor. However you’d need an admin to publish the component before it can be used for heroes, items, etc.


Thanks, I will post here if I submit a component for publishing.

When I click create for a component, it does not do anything.

Except makes a black outline of the create button.

It might be that only admins can create a new component now. (Like originally intended)


Ok, I will post here the info for components. Thank you.

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Wait really? How do you make new components?